Theater Chaosium

one must still have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star

THEATERWAHN Festival in April 2015


In the last 25 years, in Europe and, in our case, especially in Germany, some theatre groups have been established. These groups are consistently offered to people with and without psychiatry and psychosis experiences, following a cultural-emancipatory approach.
Additionally, the 2015 festival aims to provide an opportunity for its guests and audience to see the interesting variety of comparable theatre productions.

To this occasion, the “Theater Chaosium” from Kassel invites different ensembles from Germany and Europe.

All of these groups have a shared intention of wanting to base their work on an artistic aspect. The main point of their project is to use the resources every actor is contributing with which they develop together to an ensemble. -The assumed insanity becomes their strength, the assumed illness their power, with the capability to entertain and to have an effect on the audience.

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